23 July 2009

The HAL between you and your Doctor...Updated

There are many spewings from the Right WingNuts that are irritating. Among the most such is the claim that a Single Payer health system will "put the government between you and your doctor" or "some government accountant will decide what care you get". Neither is true, of course. What's more evil is that there is already someone between you and your doctor, and HMO/insurance bean counters already decide what care you will get.

I know. I wrote (not from the start or in its entirety) such software. There are a number of these packages; the one I worked on is called Optimed. The company's been sold a few times since I was there, and is now a part of MEDecision. These applications (others: Milliman, InterQual) seek to disallow services. Nothing more. They claim to improve health, but that's just not true.

So, the next Right WingNut who spews that nonsense; break his knee and tell him he won't qualify because he brought it on himself.

You can help by contacting your congress person and Obama. This is such a big lie that letting it continue is criminal.


A couple of days after I penned this, Krugman wrote on the subject, although there isn't a discussion of how insurance companies steal your coverage.

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