28 January 2010

The State of the Union: doo dah, doo dah

I didn't bother to watch the Black Face Minstrel last night. Watching Serena waste that Chinese girl was much more fun. Herewith the true State of the Union. And it won't take 70 minutes of babbling.

My fellow 99% of Americans. I speak to you tonight with a heavy heart. I have spent the first year of my presidency hiding behind the rhetoric of bipartisanship, which I have always known was a fantasy. It was a helpful fantasy during the election, in that it allowed me to sound inclusive, as if inclusiveness were important. It is not, and the Republicans have practiced divisiveness since 1968. Yes, 1968, the year that Nixon and his handlers invented the Southern Strategy.

The Southern Strategy exploited reactionary white folks in the South, West, and incrementally, suburbia. The Southern Strategy had its roots in the both civil rights law and voting rights law under Johnson. It turned out that lots of white folks, and not just the Southern ones, weren't all that inclined to play on a level field with Darkies. The Right Wing, using sometimes subtle rhetoric, concluded that it could take over the country (and re-make it in the image of Mississippi) by goading angry white folks with inflammatory sloganeering. And it worked. Starting with Reagan through George Bush the Second, there are 28 years. In that time, 22 years were marked by the Republicans controlling two or three out of three of the branches of government.

When Reagan took office, 1% of Americans took 8% of our national income. As Bush the Second left, that 1% took 24%, and the economy was in cardiac arrest. The economy and our society will not recover until that 1% relinquishes a large measure of its ill gotten gains.

This will be my mission for the remaining three years of this term, and the following four years of my second term. I entered the White House with American society closer to that of a Banana Republic than at any time in our country's history. I will work to reverse this fatal trend. We cannot have an economic recovery if the 99% have no income to buy the goods and services we can produce.

The first step in this job will be to restore the progressive tax structure of President Eisenhower. We will then dis-incentivize American corporations from outsourcing jobs to autocratic countries and nominally democratic countries which deny rights to workers through the tax code.

We will roll back the reactionary Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to buy elections. This will be difficult, but corporations are not individuals, and cannot be permitted to have the luxury of protection as individuals, all the while escaping the responsibilities. The tea bag movement claims to be grass roots. Grass roots means fighting corporate power. The Republicans made law, and repealed law, to enable further corporate control of our country. Government protection of corporations against the people is fascism. This country has been creeping toward fascism since Nixon, and it stops here and now.

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