26 May 2010

Too Stupid to Fail

The report, released (well, sort of) by the Interior Department Inspector General clarifies what those of us who are suspicious of the Right Wingnuts have long asserted: let the Fox guard the Chickens and the Fox will eat comfortably. What the ObamaNauts need to do, and haven't been willing to do, is to smear the Right Wingnuts with their growing pile of excrement.

The Bushies made all these messes, and the American voter needs reminding, daily, who did what to whom. They tend to believe the lies that come out of the Rovian Spin Mill; left to fester, they will seize the opportunity to blame Obama for BP's (and the Bushies MMS) perfidy. Democrats need to get some balls. If they don't, we're all toast.

According to today's news reports, BP is waffling about sealing the well. BP, not too surprisingly, is said to have overruled Transocean's men with regard to loading mud; BP took a "shortcut", presumably to save a few bucks. If ever there were a case of Too Big to Fail, it is these rigs. What was obvious to anyone with a smattering of engineering or physics training, that there is NO margin of error with these rigs, means that hard and fast rules have to be set and enforced. Break the rules, and you never, ever get to drill here again. One strike, and you're out.

Such a regime will only work, I should mention, if those guarding the Chickens aren't the Foxes. The Bushies did this, and must be held to account.

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