22 July 2010

The Blind Leading the Hopeful

It is my MO to avoid the Great Mass of Important Pundits, and to think and write as I see the world. I assiduously attempt to avoid becoming part of the Blogosphere Echo Chamber. I do read the news, of course, to know what's going on in the world and of that, what is fair game for commentary. Shirley Sherrod qualifies.

The lesson here, is as I have been saying for some time: the Democrats generally, and the Obama wing specifically, have got to grow a set of balls. The source of the smear was a known Right Wingnut liar. They KNEW this from the very beginning. Yet, they all swallowed the bait in one big gulp. These guys (and a few gals) are supposed to be the Progressive/Liberal leaders to the Promised Land. Yet they can't avoid an obvious setup. It is just bloody pathetic. The Best and the Brightest?? Nah. Dumb and Dumber. Dumbo on steroids. Keystone Kops of the Potomac.

If they didn't know it before, the Right Wingnuts started the war. They will continue it, whether or not Obama continues to spout Bipartisanship is the Way Forward. It ain't. We won, they die. The stalling on any and all efforts to improve the job situation between now and November is transparent. But not a peep out of either the White House or the DNC. IT'S THEIR FUCKING JOB.

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