13 July 2010

LeBron's Not the Problem, You Are

I'll begin with the admission that I have no use for LeBron James. Certainly not as a basketball player, highly overrated. Not much better as a human being, recent events determine. But the piling on by the media and "fans" is utter hypocrisy.

These same media and regular folk, not to mention Dan Gilbert and Jesse, have failed, utterly, to hold those responsible for the Great Recession to anything resembling the same standard. I'll grant that the media will occasionally do a piece on the spreading inequality of wealth, income, and opportunity, but not nearly adequately. I define adequately to mean: all those guns 'n God yahoos finally get a clue that they've been duped.

The very notion that a person who can toss a basketball around is worth tens of millions of dollars, or that owners of basketball teams (which own virtually no physical assets, and the players aren't physical assets they own) ought to "earn" hundreds of millions of dollars is sheer lunacy. We've squandered our capital on such frivolity. The idea that there should be one "king" who takes massive amounts of money for just playing a kids game, while the rest of the nation ekes out a subsistence living is pure evil.

We accept this notion in LeBron's case, but we (well, some of us) take the Wall Street Banksters to task for doing exactly the same thing. Again, read "What's the Matter With Kansas". We've (the mass of stupid guns 'n God folk) hoodwinked ourselves into believing that which is quite perverted. We allow a vanishingly small few to take a massive amount of our production, and wonder why we're facing depression and deflation and mass unemployment. As if one is unrelated to the other. Well, they are related. They have been related at least since 16th century. The relation gets stronger as production becomes more industrial, which is the base reason why we're in the mess we are. It really is the Distribution, you Stupid Shit.

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