13 August 2012

Keep Your Friends Close, Your Frenemies Cloture

The Ryan annointing (I suppose I'll have to pen something sometime, but I'm either too stunned at Mitt's stupidity or his stark evil) and the charge that Obambi hasn't done enough to fix the economy, led me to look for numbers. The numbers looked for are filibusters. Not so easy to come by, but cloture (the vote to end or preempt filibuster) numbers are. They're recorded.

What was found were existing articles, so I'll defer to them. No need to rewrite history.

This first has the graph I set out to make: the number of cloture votes by congress. It only goes to 2010, so misses the current action.

This second is just a couple of months ago, and does include current numbers, but no graph.

The only remaining item is voter suppression activities. Harder to quantify, of course, but reporting tells the tale. Obambi and his flock let 2010 happen. I still can't forgive them. Never will.

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