13 March 2013

Rope a Pope :: Pope a Dope

Let's consider what happen today. The Catholics (at least, the dudes who run the show) doubled-down on Fascism. The Retired Pope was a Hitler Youth in the land of Nazis, the New Pope ran the Church in the retirement community for Nazis. I watched on MSNBC (of course), and Chris Matthews was among those chattering in the background as we all waited for the announcement. To listen to him talk about the Church needing to listen to the West! I turned to tennis after the unveiling, so I didn't hear him lament, if he did.

So, either the far Right Wingnuts have thoroughly taken over (my guess), or Bergoglio is a short-timer (not such a bad guess). Ratzo had to know that by bailing just before Easter, he forced the Conclave to make a swift appointment. Since Bergy is, rumoured, the second choice to Ratzo in the first place, well, there you are.

There is, however, a deeper evil afoot here. Rome is counting on the Third World countries to restore it to power. First World, aka The West, countries are populated by folks who've (by and large, Appalachia excepted) figured out that upward mobility from subsistence existence is powered by restricted breeding. With industrial productivity continuing to grow, popping out mewlers like bad colds just expands the workforce and lowers wages. If, on the other hand, you're in a Third World country, then breeding out of control is what subsistence agrarian demands. All the bull from 2,000 years ago sounds sensible, since you're living about the same way as folks did back then.

So, off to the lands of stupid, poor, breeders. As they will be forever.

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