17 July 2013

Mighty White of You

"Glee"? Don't watch it. But now that Cory Monteith managed to kill himself, with a heroin/booze cocktail, The Powers That Be will wring their hands, as reported here, and all manner of money and angst will be spent on the loss of all that could have been. Meth has been a white trash drug for decades, mostly in God's Country, but portrayed as just another ghetto problem. Same with heroin. Powder cocaine is just a minor pastime in white land, but crack is reason to get locked up for decades if you're not pale. So long as drugs can be pigeon holed to places where white folks don't generally go, they can be ignored or used to punish those who aren't quite so white. But let one fashionable white kid off himself, and We've Got To Face The Problem. There's more than just income inequality in the Land of The Free.

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