10 September 2013

Nice Threads, Part The Third

One never knows when a thread will appear. "Paging Dr. Poisson!" Two days in a row, sort of. Sitcoms aren't my cup of tea these days, but I do admit to watching most of an episode or two of "The Big Bang Theory"; there's likely some cop show or "Top Gear" on opposite. Anyway, the Times has an interview with Eric Kaplan, a writer. Which was interesting enough to garner two entries in the quote file; one has already made it to the top of page.

For the purposes of threads, there's this
The idea that you're more interested in the amazing problems that life offers than in some kind of status game was genuine there, and that's what we try to convey about the characters on the show.

One of the stereotypes, justly earned, of these United States is that smart people inhabit the North and Coasts while knuckleheads (those of God, Guns, and Gold) inhabit the South and Interior. I make no apology; all the data support this bifurcation. No Big Bang in Lynchburg.

Well, now there's some more data; sort of. One of the re-posters on r-bloggers (appears to be a new entrant) links to here. At face value the maps show, always a dangerous tack but suitable to my argument, that God's Country is awash in porn stalkers and but not those God hating humanists of the coasts. Meth is also from God's Country, so I guess there is structure after all.

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