21 February 2014


Ok, I know I should enter some blogging, commenting twelve step program, but may be tomorrow.

Anyway, one of the many postings, many places, chewing on the WhatsApp buying led me to post the following comment (it starts with a snip from a previous comment):
-- younger users will move from them extremely fast if something better comes along.

The point, of course, is that Zuck (and all the other advert shifting folks) is simply chasing the fungible whims of hormone overloaded kiddies. They don't even comprehend good, better, best; only different. And, if 55 coders could make something different that filled a whim, some other bunch of 55 coders will shortly do so, again. Flush $19 billion down the crapper. Again.

Someone(s), possibly Carr, voiced the current situation with "high tech" and "innovation" as computerized putting-out or cottage industry, which was based on a, relatively, cheap bit of technology (most often that new fangled sewing machine) dispersed in homes. The workers often got just subsistence wages, if that. All those HuffPo scribes and Seeking Alpha pundits, for example. The difference being that if fickle finger of fate dubs you, you're very rich. For creating a bit of software infotoyment. An economy and society built on sand.

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