03 December 2014

A Rock and a Hard Place

From the first time I recall seeing him, I've been convinced of Chris Rock's cerebral approach to comedy. Yes, he is foul mouthed, but the fundamental ideas are sound. He is of course, a high school drop out. Stay in school kids.

So, it comes as no surprise that he and I have/had a similar take on the 2008 election: force the Right Wingnuts to wear the albatross. I was pretty convinced that I should vote for McCain, since there would be no way for the Right Wingnuts to avoid the albatross with the McNugget in the White House and Palin pandering to the guns and God folks. It would be a painful time, but the Right Wingnuts would be toast. Likely for more than a generation.

Didn't happen.

What happened next was predicted: the Right Wingnuts out maneuvered the Obambi into a Trickle Down Recovery, thus getting nearly all the moolah, and the 99% a crumb here and there. Obambi, and the DNC, did the dirty work of the Right Wingnuts, who get to point at Obambi and say, "where's the jobs??"

In the end, we really elected McCain and Palin.

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