02 September 2015

From The Mouths of Bambinos

The Donald prates about the Mexicans, while Carson is hot on his heels. Who would have thunk it? You can look it up, but net migration from Mexico to the USofA has been falling for years, and remains 0, more or less. While Carson pulls yet closer.

There has been, may be gone, the Mexico Moment which was supposed to last longer than, well, a moment.

Turns out, even the winners understand that "It's the distribution, stupid".
"Unfortunately the problem in Mexico is the wage rate, which is enough only to survive," said Mr. Rascón, 48. Unless people have money to spend, he added, the companies that sell to them will never be able to expand the way his has.

The Donald really should go have an anchor baby there, with his foreigner wifey, then campaign for President. He'll fix that economy right up.

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