19 April 2009

Let them eat cake, it's good for them

Whilst watching today's political chat shows, a couple of lies kept being repeated.

The first is that having a single payor health system would mean the government makes health care decisions. Well, they would likely make decisions more in line with patient needs than what goes on today. I wrote, and there are at least two other, "pre-certification" systems, used by HMO's to decide whether a patient is allowed to get certain kinds of procedures. The notion that our current private sector health delivery respects the decisions of doctor and patient is one of the Winguts Big Lies. The current system is designed to generate profits for HMO's, not doctors, nor to provide superior health care to patients.

The other Big Lie, voiced by the Wingnuts and Progressives alike, is that we have to save the banks before the economy can be back on its feet. The reason credit isn't flowing is that few Americans can qualify; most Americans don't have any income to speak of. Until the 1%/22% is turned around, the economy will continue on its Marie Antionette flop.

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