04 February 2010

Olde Europe Kicks Ass

The Right Wingnuts' favorite whipping people are the continent of Europe, home of freedom hating welfare queens. Or something like that. Whenever anyone questions why the supposed most powerful nation on the planet has such a domineering ruling class, they trot out the Failure of Europe. Well, Europe has never been a failure. Europeans, until the end of World War II, were parochial and jingoist. The destruction, at their own hands, finally sunk in: let's admit we're in this together.

Through the 1950's, under a titularly Republican president, the USofA behaved similarly. Taxes were progressive not only de jure but de facto. Unions had power enough to balance corporations. The South was still fighting the Civil War, but that's another story.

Then came civil rights and voting rights laws in the 1960's, and the Right Wingnuts found the wedge issue it needed to transform all White People, not just the inbred retards of the South, into the Oppressed Majority. A signficant aspect of this effort was to take back the money. The Rich didn't feel quite rich enough anymore, so they concocted stories. Nixon initiated the plan, and it has largely worked. Our economy is only vaguely different from your average Banana Republic.

The "winners" of the 40 year war then gave us The Great Recession (so far, The Great Depression II is still on the table). The Right Wingnuts continue to blame the workforce for the mess. But what's been going on in Olde Europe?? To believe the Right Wingnuts, it's Oh So Much Worse.

Not really. Today's Times has the real story. You should read it; you will read how it is that a community can survive if the community, in its whole, accepts that the solution lies in equity. There is a reason that the other title of this endeavor is: It's The Distribution, Stupid.

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