16 April 2010

Stimulate Me, Big Guy, I Like It

There's a report from the AP (here through Yahoo! news) today on South Carolina's boon from the stimulus money, which all those crackers denounced. That part is not so surprising. What is noteworthy is that the crackers themselves, without knowing it of course, explained the functioning of the demand multiplier, a notion I've recently discussed. Here's the quote from the article (it's towards the end):

Meanwhile, at Jess Walker's Carolina Bar-B-Que, as many as 800 people line up every day for pulled pork, hash and rice at his family owned restaurant just miles from Savannah River's gates.

Business here has always been brisk since Walker opened in 1969. But Walker said his stream of customers has managed to stay steady even during the darkest of economic times, an even keel he attributes to the employees doing stimulus-funded work at Savannah River.

"Without the plant, we wouldn't be here," he said, as customers began to fill his restaurant. "It's the reason we even exist."

Remember that in November, you dummy.

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