15 June 2010

The Name of The Game is Blame

I was of DC for a decade, spanning Ford to Reagan. Some facts to consider. Without feds, the Nixon crisis would have toppled the government, only the feds kept the thing running. Feds are pretty much apolitical up to GS-14 (middle manager or super techy). From there up, it's *very* political, whether you're an official appointee or so-called civil service.

Which is why Obama tonight (and since the well blew) is so stupid. He doesn't get it. He has to name names, who appointed/hired the idiots who let that go on. If these people came in on his watch, bad on him. Not likely, though. It takes time to get to real decision making, in the staff. Given that Bush/Cheney corrupted the process, but Obama has shown that he doesn't have any balls, odds are 99.44% that both the appointees are still of Bush and the feds were hired in during Bush. We still don't know (do we??) when that well was permited; my guess is that it takes years from start to finish. In other words, Bushies did it.

DC is a pure Blame Game. Obama will get us all killed if he doesn't play the Game as dirty as Rove.

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