31 August 2010

I'm A Back Door Man

There's been a good deal of chattering, mostly puzzled, around the Intel buy of McAfee.  Some think that this is Intel's move to freeze McAfee Antivirus from other platforms.  That's the hand they want you to watch.  Putting "security" into hardware is the ultimate backdoor Man.

McAfee, and the rest, are already "proprietary" to windoze, which runs on x86.  If one mean's to stuff AMD, may be, but the larger spilt isn't Intel/AMD, but windoze/linux. 

And anyway, the purpose is to give the DoD, and the rest of the gummint the Right Wing allegedly hates, a hardwired backdoor to snoop on any machine with Intel Inside.  Soon enough, only Intel machines can be procured by the Feds, or any company or other gummint which gets Fed money.

By the time this all gets around to being implemented, the Right Wingnuts expect to be in power, and then they'll unleash their version of 1984 and that animal farm.  And then all those stupid poor white folk will really be able to blame that black guy who was president a few years back. 

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