17 July 2012

Dee Feat is in Dee Flation, Part 21

Well, the Flation Numbers came out this week and last. And, as usual, the Prosperity Through Austerity And Inflation's About To Attack folks can't be happy. Here they are:
Core PPI 0.2%
Core CPI 0.2%
PPI 0.1%
CPI 0.0%

Once again, we see that the $$$ the Fed makes available to banksters just isn't making it to consumers. There's just no demand pull on goods and services. The nearly continent wide drought (not yet here in the comfortable, mostly, Blue Northeast) will have a bad effect on grocery items, but that won't happen until later. Without that increased demand for goods and services (ones actually made in the USofA), the demand for employment also goes nowhere. Two sides to the same coin. Cutting business taxes will only transfer the money to the 1%, without increasing employment. Employment increases when capitalists can't meet demand with existing staffing. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON. Sorry for the shout, but knuckledraggers have so much shit in their ears, it's necessary to raise one's voice.

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