09 October 2012

What Would Jesus Think?

The subtitle of this endeavor, "It's the Distribution, Stupid", emphasizes the reality: The Great Recession is just the latest manifestation of laissez faire capitalism, which has few winners and many losers. And, given the lotto mentality foisted on stupid people ("I'm gonna by an NBA star, and make lots of money") by the Right Wingnuts, the majority end up blaming the plumber rather than themselves for the dishrag stuck in the drain.

I thought I was among a diminishing minority. And I may be. On the other hand, The Christian Science Monitor (despite the name, a truly Right Wingnut paper) prints this editorial. Neither the editors, nor any of those quoted, have the gonads to be forthright and just state the obvious: with burgeoning capital productivity and diminishing wages, letting capitalists decide who gets paid what will lead to destruction of all, including said capitalists.
The World Bank, too, sees a need for many countries to avoid the model of export-led growth that has long relied heavily on wealthy consumers in Europe and the United States. A slowdown in richer nations means poorer nations must look more to their own markets or neighboring countries.
They're talking to you, China. Listen up. Oh wait:
China ... needs to rely more on its internal market.
In other words, be self sufficient. Pay those Foxconn workers (I know, Foxconn isn't real Chinese) enough that they can buy all those trinkets. Export dependence is still dependence. If it were heroin, the Right Wingnuts would be up in arms.

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