09 November 2012

Spinning Wheel

To quote Blood, Sweat, and Tears:
Spinnin' wheel's spinnin' true
Drop all your troubles by the river side
Ride a painted pony,
Let the spinnin' wheel fly.

What goes around, comes around. In order to have a stable economy: those that has, spend; those that spend, has. Previous missives have called bullshit on Germany for extorting further pain from its importing countries. Germany needs these freeloaders to clear its output. The simple fact is, exporting economies have a symbiotic relationship (most often denied, of course) with the countervailing importing countries. One might even posit that the true power rests with the importing countries. Think about it for a minute.

So, today we find this report, that Germany is getting nervous about France, which absorbs a significant proportion of German output. Payback's a bitch.
France has been the number one consumer of German goods for years. In 2011, Germans sold more than 101 billion euros there, about 10 percent of overall exported goods.

Germany invaded France on 10 May 1940. They're doing it again, but now using the cover of the EuroZone. Once a Nazi, always a Nazi.

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