01 February 2015

Red Riding Hood

Just a really short piece, dealing with the possibility, broached here a number of times, that demographics (both ethnicity and urbanization) doom the GOP. At one time, I bought that it was just a matter of time until the GOP, led by Red State race baiters, would swirl to the bottom of the electoral toilet bowl.

Given the Robert's court and the continued stupidity of the Dems at the state level, I'm no longer sure. Voter suppression, blessed by Roberts and allies, makes it quite possible for a minority of a minority party (minority meaning that more folks vote Democratic in House elections, most of the time) to rule the country.

Today's NYT has two pieces on the subject:
Emily Bazelon discusses Roberts' subversion of the court
Nate Cohn discusses historical mediation, though not necessarily overt or well known, of Blue State Republicans
According to an analysis of Pew Research and exit-poll data, blue-state Republicans tend to be more urban, more moderate, less religious and more affluent.

Perhaps the solution, in the near term, is for the Tea Baggers to completely take over the GOP and do another AuH2O.

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