29 March 2015

Who Will Give a Fig?

The general view of Apple is that it is a Midas money maker. Yet, before the iPhone, it wasn't. With the iPod, Apple began the successful morphing from computer company to toy company. And, it wasn't the first attempt. Remember the Newton? Its short life is explained by bulls and bears in two ways:
Bull: Newton was just too far ahead of its time
Bear: Newton just didn't do anything anyone really needed

The Bear is mostly right. One might argue that iPhone 6 is Newton Reborn. Don't say that too loud near a Fanboi, however.

The trick Apple pulled off with the iPhone was to morph telephone communication into infotainment device. Before the iPhone, cellphones were really portable telephones. Yes, with a flip-phone one can have some measure of innterTubing, but iPhone shifted the emphasis to selling apps. Despite Jobs' objection to phones larger than about 4", without them iPhone wouldn't generate the profit it does.

Which brings us to Watch. Will anyone give a fig about it?
Bull: of course, it's just the latest in Apple bling (or is it, shine?) that the X% can't do without
Bear: what sort of app can one turn into infotainment heroin on a postage stamp sized screen

Logically, Bear is right. Watch can do little but tell you the time without the tether to iPhone. Even as a watch (saw the TeeVee advert last night), it's not very interesting. What makes a watch interesting is the 3D depth of the face. All those tasty nooks and crannies. Watch's display, while colorful, is just flat and boring.

Time will tell, but I sense more Newton, this time.

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