14 December 2009

Capitalist Scumbags, One and All

Capitalists, in addition to being rather stupid and hypocritical (Gummint can't do anything right; but wait a minute, I really deserve a contract to do the function at twice what it would cost the Gummint to do itself), they are just liars. An acquaintance is managing one of those stimulus programs for a state.

The contractors (private sector capitalists, all) don't want to do any real work, so they sub-contract. Said sub-contractors are continually asking this manager a particular question: "do my workers have to have a real Social Security Number?". These scumbags have no intention of "creating jobs" for 'Muricans; just lining their pockets with taxpayer cash. They ought to be strung up by their gonags, sliced with a dull hatchet, then covered with fire ants.

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