25 December 2009

Happy Christmas????????

Here I sit on Christmas Day, wondering what to say. In spontaneously invented rhyming couplets. Perhaps not.

Is there reason for good cheer, I ask myself? Not so much, but some. There is a health care bill passed by both Houses. But Nelson, et al, being right wing Fascists in drag, successfully extracted their pound of silver. Some, and I truly hope they are correct, point out that Social Security was a half baked loaf in 1935, and we in 2009/2010 shouldn't be surprised. I remain skeptical. The Right Wingnuts have shown that they are better able to propagandize than the Left Wing Patriots. Reagan started it all with his lie, "I paid for this microphone". He hadn't, and was never pilloried for lying.

Real unemployment is in the neighborhood of 17%. That this fact is being mentioned in common media is a Good Thing. The administration has been remiss in not keeping the blame squarely on the Right Wing, who controlled 2/3 or 3/3 of federal government for all the years since Reagan, excepting Poppy Bush and 2 years of Clinton. That's 22 out of 28. Always keep that in mind. Keep in mind too, that it was those Right Wingnut stalwarts, Gramm-Leach-Bliley who finally dismantled Glass-Steagall.

What to be Merry about? Not on a personal level, of course, since each of us has at least one aspect of life which has improved during 2009 (no matter how teensy weensy). Rather, where is the Ship of State, this Experiment in Democracy (which is itself adept propaganda from the Right Wingnuts; the USofA is a Republic since the Right Wingnuts didn't want Democracy), this Beacon of Hope for the rest of the world (which seems not so impressed any longer) going? Are we headed to a place where most Americans have, and can expect to continue to have, a better life next year?

Or are we headed, as we have since Reagan, to a place where most Americans are just a little more destitute next year?

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