04 January 2010

Old King Cole; Not a Merry Soul

Since I am an obscure blogger, not yet on the D list (with Ms. Griffin), much of what I've deduced or discovered often gets mainline exposure with those on the A list (occasionally B or C). Juan Cole is an A lister (may be B, by some lights). I found this today, and commend it to you.

I would add an 11th "worst thing" to his list: the takeover of the American military by the Christian Right. This is not something I discovered on my own, since I'm not a reporter with access to the military. But it was something I deduced quite a while back, and when I read the first report, my reaction was, "of course; how else can they pull off a volunteer military that invades countries just for the hell of it?". Onward Christian soldiers.

A number of his worst things I have chronicled in this endeavor, others I hadn't gotten around to yet. While the reading will likely raise your blood pressure, it is worth it.

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