13 September 2012

A Globe Theatrical

Well, give a rousing USofA welcome to Elizabeth III, queen of all she surveys. Will she raise the USofA out of its doldrums? Not likely. But it will be fun for the Wall Street crowd, being as how they live a Globe sort of life, trodding the boards and giving us a heartfelt, but ultimately fabricated, performance.

The Right Wingnuts keep keening about the Inflation Invasion, but it nevers seems to get here. III won't either for the same reason it didn't with I and II: the moolah doesn't go into the hands of consumers. Where it does end up is in the hands of those vampire squids of Taibbi fame. There's a reason the stock markets are giving a roaring bull performance; all that moolah is chasing shares.

III is on top of all that moolah still floating around looking for that "higher risk free" return that Greenspan/Bernanke have yanked out of their greedy little mouths. Can it work? No better than I or II have, since none of them is a fiscal exercise. I recall some war movie (WWII, the last Good War) where an officer tells a junior officer why an officer has to lead from the front, "you can't push a string." Monetary policy is pushing the string. Or, if you prefer, a horse staring at a bucket of water.

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