05 April 2014

Attack of the Vampire Squid [update]

With all the boohooing from Titans of Industry, and if you believed them, you'd think that Obambi has been the apocalypse of Satan. Well, not so much:
Floyd Norris
After-tax corporate profits in President Obama's five years in office have averaged 9.3 percent of G.D.P. That is a full two percentage points higher than the 7.2 percent averages under Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush, previously the presidents with the highest ratios of corporate profits.

A reader comment, and my reposte, led me to wonder what lefties had actually said that Roberts was moderate. The first search came up with this piece from 2007, and I stopped looking (if you follow the link, it's a 2006 paper):
And in an academic piece written as Justice Alito joined Justice Roberts on the Court, No Exit? The Roberts Court and the Future of Election Law, I concluded:

Making predictions is always dangerous, and the conclusions I reach should be taken in the tentative spirit in which they are made. My best guess is that a decade from now, we may well face a set of election law rules that differ a great deal from today's rules. It may be that in 2016, individuals, corporations, and unions will be free to give as much money as they want to any candidate or group, subject to the filing of disclosure reports.

Off by a few years, was he.

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