10 April 2014

Freud May Get Really Rich [update]

That didn't take long. Yesterday, it was reported that Colbert was the odds on favourite to replace Letterman, now today CBS announces it. Colbert, the real one, is a flaming left wing pansy. Colbert, of the Report, is a flaming right wing Nazi. Some number of his fans are going to be disappointed. Either that or he plays both ends against the middle, and his psych bill is going to be through the roof.

Letterman was 46 when The Late Show With... began. Colbert will be 50, if Letterman continues to the end of his contract. While NBC went with Fallon (39) and ABC Kimmel (36), although his show didn't start in the 11:35 slot at first. Perhaps old folks should pursue late night emcee as the pre-retirement vocation, after all.

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