26 May 2014

Krugman Gets It

For the first time, that I've seen Krugman states the crux of the matter:
The policy mistakes that created the euro crisis -- mainly creating a unified currency without the kind of banking and fiscal union that a single currency demands -- basically had nothing to do with the welfare state, one way or another.

Or, as I've bleated more often than should be necessary: Europe has to carry the dumb Southerners, just as the USofA does, if it wishes to survive united. And that requires a European fiscal policy, which doesn't, and won't likely, exist. Just as here in the USofA, Southerners think their local version of fascism (think Big Daddy, and you can look it up if you don't recognize the allusion) is far superior. In the USofA's case, it goes back to the mid 18th century when most hard currency was acquired by the plantation slave economy. That leverage lasted for many years, and was the fundamental driving force behind the War Between the States, aka War of Northern Aggression, according to many historians. As they say, follow the money, and the money ran through plantations, and plantations could not exist (as profitably, anyway) without slavery. Southerners continue to see such an economy as superior. The Tea Party is really not about Boston, but about Richmond (you can look that up too, if need be). And, not too surprisingly, my beloved Bermuda was a major conduit for contraband. The Brits were largely, though not officially, on the side of the South.

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