12 May 2014

Tiny Tim

Was out getting the meager needs have we for suppa, when Geithner pops up on "All Things Considered", examined by Robert Siegel. Three doses of self-absorbed tool of the Banksters in just two days!!?? He's flogging his self-defense tome, "Stress Test", the point being his stress, of course.

Sunday had him in the Times Magazine, written by Sorkin. Then, again in the today's Times, a review of sorts (right under the section heading which is "theArts"; a bit Freudian, what?), of the book itself. Until the radio, I had decided to let it all pass. Kind of like a quant/psycho/macro kidney stone.

But then, Timmy had to go and spoil it all. Siegel finally gets around to the point, which no one in the media has in my experience. Timmy had been yapping about how there was a confligration, and he was valiantly trying to put it out, not that he was in any personal danger, unlike real firefighters, of course. Siegel says (paraphrasing, I wasn't carrying my NSA issue recording device), "but the home buyers didn't create these exotic instruments, the banks did for their own benefit". And Timmy just lies! It was all an accumulation of belief that housing was safe. No mention of Viagra at the Home. No mention of gaming Timmy's System. The Banksters did nothing wrong. If I'd had anything left in my stomach, it would have ended up on the inside of the windshield. That's one evil motherfucker.

I have a funny, funny feeling that this attempt to set the record straight isn't going to work out well for Timmy.

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