05 July 2015

A Word to The Wise

Well, the Greek electorate has given a large middle finger to the Germans. We'll see what happens next. Of note is a piece (in my dead trees version it was "tycoons" rather than "billionaires", odd) written before the vote and published before too.
And yet the extremely wealthy do face an abiding risk from festering inequity: The have-nots might finally lose patience and turn upon the haves.

"That's the real danger," Mr. Cohan said. "This little thing called the French Revolution."

Of course, the Leona Crew know that the Powers That Be will send the Army out to kill the hoi polloi, if it comes to that. They have always done so in the past. If the Montana Militia think they can beat F-16s with their AK-47s, they best think again. Unlike Iraq or Syria, the US military doesn't have to schlep materiel thousands of miles.

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