03 July 2015

We Are Not Greeks

Well, may be a bit. Yet another piece on the situation has this:
"The point is that Greece may get different conditions, but it has to abide by the rules," Mr. Renzi [Italian prime minister] told Il Sole 24 Ore, according to a BBC translation. "It's not the case that we have taken early retirement pensions away from the people of Italy just to allow the Greeks to have them! We have brought in labor reform, but it is not the case that, with our money, a number of Greek shipowners can continue not to pay taxes. I could go on."
[my emphasis]

Perhaps a bit more than most would acknowledge. The Leona Crew would love to be Greek, I'll tell ya. And Mr. Renzi best watch his mouth. Angela has him on her Naughty List; Santa won't be nice to him.

Of course, those shipowners don't think it's any of their problem.
Five other owners contacted by The Wall Street Journal said they all had a "Plan B" that involves relocating to shipping centers such as London, Monaco, Singapore or Dubai.

Leona would be proud of their strength against oppression. Why can't American corporations be so strong? Lily livered pansies, all.

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